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Horncastle A

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
09-01-20207:15pm *Boston
11-01-20206:30pm *Horncastle B
16-01-20207:15pm *Grantham
25-01-20206:30pm *Rustons E
06-02-20207:15pm *Eastgate
14-02-20207:15pm *Ruston E
15-02-20206:30pm *Meg A
20-02-20207:15pm *Boston 2
07-03-20206:30pm *Eastgate E
18-04-20206:30pm *Rustons B
25-04-20206:30pm *Deans A

Horncastle B

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
03-01-20207:15pm *Eastgate G
21-01-20207:15pm *Rustons 1
28-01-20207:15pm *Cranwell
31-01-20207:15pm *Ruston B
11-02-20207:15pm *Uni of Lincoln
25-02-20207:15pm *Grantham
06-03-20207:15pm *Metheringham A
17-04-20207:15pm *Eastgate E
01-05-20207:15pm *Horncastle A

Horncastle C

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
14-12-20196:30pm *Eastgate C
01-02-20206:30pm *Lindum C
22-02-20206:30pm *Rustons D
02-05-20206:30pm *Rustons A

Horncastle 1

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
10-12-20197:15pm *Eastgate 1
21-01-20207:15pm *Deans 1
04-02-20207:15pm *David Lloyd
11-02-20207:15pm *Lindum 1
18-02-20207:15pm *Eastgate 3
25-02-20207:15pm *Eastgate 1

Horncastle K

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
22-01-20207:15pm *David Lloyd
29-01-20207:15pm *Horncastle 1
12-02-20207:15pm *Eastgate 3
26-02-20207:15pm *Boston 1

Horncastle D

DateCourt Booked fromOpponent
13-12-20197:15pm *Meg C
10-01-20207:15pm *Meg E
24-01-20207:15pm *Eastgate F
21-02-20207:15pm *Lindum B
13-03-20207:15pm *Deans B